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who has the goat?

MZUNGU: The Swahili word (sounds like "muh-zun-gooo") is generally taken to mean 'white man', although it does apply to women as well. #2, someone who wanders without purpose, constantly on the move.
MZG Aerial productions
MZG Aerial Productions is a sister project to the New Jersey based company Airvelations.  The legalization of commercial drones in Kenya is a success story for the drone community.  Our goal continues to focus on providing educational courses to local schools, Governmental, Aviation and wildlife Agencies within Kenya.  MZG Aerial Productions provides quality and professional aerial operations that support the requests of our clients.  As a representative in the unmanned drone community, we continue to make "education and safety our #1 product".
General Manager
MZG Productions
MZG Productions
was created by Airvelations as a side project while contracting in Kenya, Africa.
Our goal is to  promote drone operations in supporting tourism and    Anti-Poaching

Christopher Schaefer

US Army Veteran / Government Contractor / SUAS Master Trainer / Military and Commercial Platform / Certified Instructor / FAA Part 107 Certified Remote pilot


Project "Sexy Drone"

Airvelations & MZG Production Videos

Grasshopper In The Ghetto
Africa; My Black, Your White
Additional videos produced by Airvelations and MZG Productions can be found
Coming Soon From
"VAT 69"
"Hand of God"
"The Grasshopper Stories"
"Matatau: The last Ride"


+254 792 318 051 Kenya

+256 789 994 972 Uganda

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